Western Culture Mortuaries

Western culture funerals are held for different reasons. Sometimes it is simply to mourn a friend or family member who has passed away, while other times it can be to pay tribute to an entire profession, culture or ethnic group. There is also the more personal reason of paying tribute to a loved one who lived his life in this way. Western culture funerals werribee are not based on a set schedule, and often times they do not have a set funeral or specific items that need to be present.

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Many western traditions are incorporated into most funeral programs. For instance, many people will place a picture of the deceased in a small frame. This can also be done with a larger image, such as a still from a video or slide show. This can be done on a rectangular or square format. Another tradition is to use at least one musical instrument, whether it is played by an individual or a string quartet, as part of the funeral service program.

There are many different kinds of western culture funerals that are common. Often times they do not even involve a casket. Often times there are photographs of the deceased, which are displayed prominently on the service wall. The music may consist of only a bugling wind chime or even a string quartet playing popular tunes from different genres. The use of flowers and petals as decoration is also common.

There are also Christian funerals, which are still very popular in the western world. These services do not incorporate any religious symbols, but instead use the cross as a prominent feature. The use of a flower instead of a stone for burial is also common. Often times these services are non-religious in nature, and may simply honor the person and their contributions to the community. There is also no requirement for a traditional funeral, so if a family does not wish to bury their departed loved one in the traditional way, it is possible to do so without having to worry about fines or regulations.

Finally, there are “Zoot-style” funerals. This type of funeral uses the natural elements of the western landscape to accent a person’s unique personality and characteristics. Often times the headstone will be constructed from such materials as granite, sandstone, slate, wood, and other items found in the western environment. These types of funerals are very popular in the southwest and tend to cause much more emotional impact than other styles of funeral.

There are many different styles of western culture funerals. Each will serve as a fitting tribute to the deceased and will offer those left behind some comfort. These types of funerals will allow families to have a sense of closure and allow friends and acquaintances to celebrate the life of their departed loved one. There are many different types of funerals available, and each can provide families with a sense of satisfaction that their loved one has been remembered and appreciated.

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